orion 87 user guide

Installation related


  1. Please be careful during installation to avoid damaging the positioning plate and electronic components.
  2. If problem occurred, please check this guide or contact the vendor for solution.

Q: How to install Orion87

A: Please contact your vendor for installation video


  1. Why is the spacing between the key cap and the shell inconsistent?

         A: 1. Please check whether your bottom foam is installed correctly.

             2. Before installing the screw, you can manually adjust the position of the inner tank to center the key cap.

  1. How to use mounting screws

        APlease try not to use electric screwdriver with large torque to avoid screw damage

              When installing screws, please control the force to avoid damaging the screws

  1. How to install foam

       A:Follow the installation video instructions to install the foam

     4. Can I cut the shape of PORON cotton?

       AYou can tailor it according to your preferences to adjust different hand feel and sound.

     5.Why is my key cap crooked?

       A:1.Please check whether your shaft is aging and loose.

             2.Please check whether the shaft body interferes with the PORON cotton.


User related

  1. Why my keyboard can’t use wired mode?

        A:Please check whether the data cable supports the charging function

              Please check whether the cable is dropped

              Please check whether the cable is inserted askew

      2.Why my Bluetooth function can’t work?

        A:Refer to question 1 and check that the battery is installed correctly

              Your battery may be low

              Please confirm whether your current channel is connected to other devices

              Please confirm whether your device supports Bluetooth 5.0+ protocol

     3.Is there a delay in wireless mode?

       A: In most cases, It works well. Due to the shield effect of the metal shell on the signal, lagging could be happened sometimes in the wireless mode. You can adjust the relative position between the receiver and the keyboard to get a better signal.

     4.In wireless mode, the key is always output.

       A: Please click the button with multiple hits again. This is because your device signal is poor, resulting in the loss of information.

    5.Why there is a component in PCB very hot when using rgb light?

      ABecause RGB lamp beads consume a lot of power and have a large current, this component will be hot. This is a normal phenomenon. You can reduce its temperature by turning off the lamp.

    6.How to obtain better wireless signal?

     AYou can debug the signal by adjusting the position between the receiver and the keyboard. Generally, the receiver is higher than the upper surface of the keyboard, and there is no metal barrier between the receiver and the keyboard, which will obtain good signal quality.

    7.How do I turn off the keyboard immediately?

     APress FN + pause to close the keyboard, and click any key to wake up the keyboard. you can define your own shortcut in VIA.

    8.How to turn off the light?

     APress FN + L to turn the lights off or on

    9.What if the keyboard fail to response?

     A:The keyboard might in sleep mode. press space to wake it up.

If It fail to work, unplug usb,  turn off and on the switch under the space.

    10.Why I can’t change RGB mode when my light is only white?

     APlease adjust the saturation and hue of the light to other colors before operation.

    11.Why is only one blue light on my keyboard?

     AThis indicates the connection status of the keyboard. If you need to turn on the light, press FN + L switch

    12.Why isn't my keyboard light on?

     AYour keyboard light brightness is set too low or turned off. You can turn on the light through FN + L. if this is invalid, press FN + up to increase the brightness of the keyboard backlight.


    13.How to check the battery power?

     AConnect the device via Bluetooth or 2.4G and check the battery power on the device related settings page.

    14.Does the keyboard support Linux and MAC systems?

     A:Yes, this keyboard supports most commonly used operating systems at present, but some minority versions of Linux do not support USB, so this keyboard cannot be recognized. If unrecognized, please update the USB driver of the system.

Update Firmware

     coming soon


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