Aquila Progress Report

Aquila is a keyboard kit project
Aquila is produced by the Kindlestar team.
You can purchase Aquila from a trusted dealer, and its after-sales service is the responsibility of the dealer. All technical services are handled by the Kindlestar team. You can join our discord and communicate directly with us.

In addition to being a customized keyboard design team, the KindleStar team is also a PCB solution supplier for many manufacturers. Our technical support and maturity are very mature, and we hope to bring you a better experience.

We will update all order production information about Aquila on this page. In order to improve the entire shopping experience, we will update this article at each important node so that you can better understand how your keyboard is doing.

In order to protect your interests, we sincerely request that you proactively monitor our behavior with our vendors. If any inappropriate behavior occurs, please let us know your thoughts directly.


Aquila Timeline

IC:03 May 2023

GB:15 August 2023-15 September 2023

Production Order:20 September 2023

Order statistics completed:25 September 2023

CNC machining completed:12 October 2023

Completed Aquila's quality inspection: December 1, 2023

Official start of shipment:December 11, 2023


vendor list:

North America:

European Union:



Australia and New Zealand:


Aquila IC time:03 May 2023

GB time: 8:00 am on August 15, 2023 Eastern Time to 8:00 pm on September 15, 2023 Eastern Time

Kindlestar shipment time: before 8pm EST on December 1, 2023, to the vendor's warehouse


20230914  update:

new vendor 



Authorized sales of spot goods



Aquila pink video



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